In trying to spread more information about our school to the public, we have been uploading most of our activities onto the school’s webpage to show most of our activities. Our admin’s do try to keep everything up to date with the activities but sometimes we just loose track of what we have because of the numerous ongoing programmes and our teaching duties. But we assure you that most of us will keep up our work to update all of you with the latest school news.

In conjunction with spreading information, we have recently added a new section focusing on our school’s surau “Al-Hidayah“. You can find it here


We are still trying to backdate all of the activities that surau Al-Hidayah had done. I would also like to thank all of the Ustaz and Ustazah for providing all the information and pictures, it makes my work of uploading easier. We are hoping to start more sections on each department so that we can keep everyone in loop with our school.

I guess that’s all for now. Will catch up with all of you later!